Main Attractions near Villa Pinares de Mayari

Rafael´s puddle

The Rafael Puddle

"La Poza de Rafael" is located In a privileged position amid the mountain, in very forested area , with refreshing waters and a really beautiful environment. Need a double traction automobile to get here. The spot is a forested area bathed by the Pilot river, a splash in its cold and clear waters is a real encouragement for new adventures.

La Plancha coffee plantation

La Plancha Coffee Plantation

The Cuban countryside in a single place characterized by gigant trees and the freshness of the local climate. The plantations of coffee with their manual coffee machine that dates of 1949, constitute their main attractiveness. Also can be observed diverse varieties of plants of economic, ecological and historical importance, such as: cocoa, citric, pineapple, malanga, strawberries, butterflies, cotton, pepper, cane of sugar, coconut trees, among other.

La Mensura Farm

Antelopes in La Mensura Farm

To about 8 Kms. of distance from Villa Pinares de Mayarí, in the western area, almost on the edge of the plateau in a small surrounded prairie of cubencis pines and coffee plantations. Visitors will be able to experience traveling through uneven roads and fantasy like places, watch exotic animals such as deers, wapitis and Nilga antelopes, as well as to rent horses. In the itinerary dairies can be observed, plantations of Pinus Cubencis, nurseries and coffee plantations, besides big prairies.

El Cupey small lake

Cupey Small Lake

Enjoy a refreshing splash in a microdam at  300 meters away of the Villa. Afterwards, a gratifying creole lunch in a typical ranch with authentic Cuban music will be the delight of tourists.

Guayabo waterfall

Guayabo Waterfall

Located at 15 Km away from the resort. It is nearby the Bandera Hill. The tourist will be able to visit the worldwide famous Salto el Guayabo with a free fall of about 100 m to the puddle. The observation point of the Guayabo Waterfall is about 480m on the sea level from where can be see the whole landscape and to make a journey of 1200 m for the rocky channel of the river of the same name.

Interpretive Path Sabina

In the south area of the substation of the Center of Investigations for Mountains, to 1 Km. from Villa Pinares de Mayarí, eight natural ecosystems characterized by their diversity and biological fragility, conform this path, there is also, a beautiful orquidiario represented by most of the existent species in the region. The tropical forest is the most important ecosystem, since it constitutes a natural and historical relic, formed by the original vegetation of the sub-region and here is the oldest tree in the park, a "Ocuje Colorado" among other to which is attributed a 150 year-old approximate age and the "Arbol de la Traición", among other varieties of the flora.

Climbing the Mensura Hill

Exciting adventure of difficult access but very comforting. From the top of the hill, at 963 meters above the sea level the visitor will have an awesome view of the Nipe bay.

Secret Path of Pinar

Path to the mountain investigation station (CITMA) with wonderful orchid gardens and a 3 km path in which the visitor can enjoy the beauty natural traits of the region and a lovely waterfall: Sabina, where the sightseer will be able to take a refreshing bath.