Pinares de Mayari Hotel in the quietness of the Nipe – Cristal mountains

Villa Pinares de Mayari is located in the Mensura Hill, in the municipality of Mayari, about 110 kilometers away to the southwest of Holguin eastern city, at about 600 meters above the sea level. This area is a natural paradise in the Nipe – Cristal mountainous majestic range, called "La Mensura" National Park, it is a protected area with tropical abundant vegetation including pine forests and a wild endemic flora.

The naturalness of "La Mensura" National Park, marked by their mountainous relief in plateau form, the pine forests and their tropical fresh climate to have micro-climatic conditions with temperatures of 21 celcius degrees averages.

Villa Pinares de Mayari Main Building
Reception Villa Pinares de Mayari
Cuban nature at Villa Pinares de Mayari
Cartacuba Bird
Orchids at Villa Pinares de Mayari

In Villa Pinares de Mayarí you will be able to observe arborescent millennial ferns, creeks, cascades, wells and fresh water ponds, wonderful orchids and stunning color birds.

Climbing mountains, swiming in cold and calm waters, enjoying the landscape, sharing with local peasants, practicing outdoor sports and forgeting about worries will be a well-chosen alternative too. Thats why Villa Pinares de Mayari is a perfect choice to nature lovers.

Villa Pinares de Mayarí possesses in its architecture, location and equipment, several of the principles of an eco-tourist lodging, using the wood, adaptation to the land and the arboreal state of the pine forest, that which bases the modality of tourism of nature (ecoturismo) of this area.